How to Apply

There are three types of access available:

Preparatory access is for projects whose software codes require porting, scalability testing, development or specialised assistance. These projects undergo only a light technical review. The upper limit for allocations for such projects is 5,000 to 50,000 core hours and access is given on Cy-Tera system. More details can be found here.

Production access is for projects that satisfy a scientific research objective. These projects undergo a full technical and scientific review. There are 2 calls for proposals per year with published opening and closing dates. In general, such calls are for experienced users. The codes needed by the project have to be available on the system requested and/or, in case of codes developed by the applicants, to have been sufficiently tested for efficiency, scalability, and suitability. The testing could take place via proposals for preparatory access or in systems similar to the requested ones. The upper limit for allocations for such projects is 100,000 to 200,000 core hours and access is given on Cy-Tera system. There must be a verifiable work plan for resource usage included in the proposal. Production access is granted through competitive calls. For more information see here.

Educational access is for training and education purposes. Euclid is the dedicated system for educational access whose purpose is to provide a platform for training and primary development. The target audience for this type of access would be for example:

  • University course administrators who would like to incorporate HPC into their lecture series for their students.
  • Attendants of training events who wish to continue and expand their training.
  • Anyone who would like to do the practical components of the training content provided by the project.
  • People interested in evaluating and testing new software, programming languages or applications.
  • People in the early stages of developing a software application.
  • Applications for Educational access can be submitted year-round. There are no closing dates.

More details for Educational access can be found here.