Educational Access

We recognise that access to HPC facilities can be very helpful for training and education purposes. For this reason the Cyprus Institute offers resources dedicated to this type of access. Euclid is a dedicated system used by the educational access program, whose purpose is to provide a platform for training and primary development. The target audience for Educational Access would be, for example:

  • University course administrators who would like to incorporate HPC into their lecture series for their students.
  • Attendants of training events who wish to continue and expand their training.
  • Anyone who would like to do the practical components of the training content provided by the project.
  • People interested in evaluating and testing new software, programming languages or applications.
  • People in the early stages of developing a software application.

Applying for Resources

For individual users we simply ask that you fill out our online request form.

Please note that to be able to access the above form you need to have an account on our helpdesk system’s user portal. So, if this is the first time you are accessing the portal, please proceed with signing up for an account first. If you already have an account, please login first and then proceed with the form submission.

If you wish to apply for access in behalf of a group of people (for example in connection to a University course or a development project for a group) we ask that you contact us directly at


In many ways the Euclid system is identical to the (much) larger Cy-Tera system, it is comparable by:

  • Hardware (it is also a hybrid system)
  • Access procedures
  • Compilers and software (it has both the Intel and PGI commercial compilers, NAMD, OpenFOAM, Gromacs,…)

The machine is, however, configured primarily for use as a training platform which means limitations on available resources, job sizes, disk space, etc.