User Support

Contact our support team

User support is provided via an online helpdesk system. The helpdesk service can be contacted via the email address:

An alternative way to contact our support team is by submitting the Report an Issue form.


Useful Information

Obtaining an account

After your application has been accepted, you have to request an account by completing the following form and agreeing with all terms and conditions of CyI-HPCF’s Acceptable Usage Policy:

Request an account form

As “Project ID” put the project code (eg. lspre100s1) corresponding to your application submission. For the educational access projects as “Project ID” type “Educational Access”. You will then be contacted by the user support team to provide your public key.

Users who already have an account on the system, need to resubmit the above form, for the administrators to assign their existing account with the new project. 

If you need instructions on how to generate a public key, please visit the Documentation page.

Please note:
– You will not be granted a user account on a HPC resource if you have not completed this form.
– Each accepted project is allocated a specific HPC site, you will only be allowed access to your projects allocated site(s)
– You will not be granted access unless you are registered as a collaborator in an accepted production or preparatory project or as a professor/student in an educational access project. Additional collaborators (not registered in the original proposal) can only be registered by the project leader by contacting
– If you are permitted access to more than one HPC resource you will have to complete the form for each permitted site – each time choosing the appropriate (and different) HPC resource you are entitled to use.
Once the above has been done, you will be contacted by the HPC site to request your ssh public key.

Login Node Names for HPC systems

Accepted Preparatory and Production Access proposals get an allocation on Cy-Tera. The login node of Cy-Tera is:

Educational Access requests get an allocation on Euclid. The login node of Euclid is:

Preparatory and Production Access final report templates

At the end of each project, users are obliged to submit a final report through which they will summarise the results of their. project. More details for the final report can be found in section 10.1 of the Guideline for applicants document. The templates for the final report can be found below:

  • Preparatory Access – Download the template here
  • Production Access – Download the template here